Daily SPF For The Face


As the UK seems to be experiencing a mini heat wave at the moment, I’ve been reaching for SPF’s to make sure my face stays protected. I have a couple of products to help combat the suns rays, one is an old favourite and something I’ve been using for a few years and the other is a recent purchase.

First up, the Origins Out Smart SPF Daily 25, a slightly tinted SPF that sits a little heavier on the skin but does last a long time. I’ve been using this one for such a long time and was my go to for days where I didn’t really need to wear make up but wanted something to protect my skin with. If I do want to wear make up with this then I find a powder works best, and for that I reach for my Mac Powder which offers some coverage and helps to mattify things.

The recent purchase is from Kiehl’s and it’s theĀ Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50, this has been on my (extremely long) list of things to buy for a while and I finally decided to purchase it for the upcoming warmer months after hearing so many good things. This really is light weight, sinks in straight away and doesn’t leave any form of tint or coverage which I do like, I also can’t feel it sitting on my skin at all. This is great for wearing under make up and isn’t that heavily scented so I don’t find it too much to wear every day.

I can already tell that I’ll be using the Kiehl’s one a lot this summer, it’s the perfect every day SPF and you get a lot for your money so good value for money!


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