My Favourite Mascaras From 2016


I’m always trying out new mascaras – forever on the hunt for one that has it all and can give me volume, length and definition (not looking for too much..). I can never resist a new release or anything that’s on offer, and I have really enjoyed using a lot of drugstore mascaras (the Max factor masterpiece max is still one of my all time favourites) However these are some of my recent favourites from 2016 – all of which I’ve either repurchased or just keep going back to.


First up is one of my favourite drugstore mascaras (once it dries out a little) it’s perfect for everyday and manages to give plenty of volume and makes my lashes nice and black. It’s also affordable and nearly always on some sort of offer, so one to keep an eye on and try! This one is always in my mascara drawer and one I think I’ll always have on hand as a make up staple.


I discovered this one a couple of years ago and normally get one at Christmas time or when I’m going through duty free as it is on the pricer end of the scale (but I think it’s worth it). It can sometimes be a bit messy to apply but really does make my lashes super black and dramatic – to me it’s worth the money and I haven’t tried a drugstore one that can rival this one. I normally save this one for evenings or when I want my lashes to really stand out.


I first tried a sample of this a while ago and was instantly impressed, this one seems to do it all, adds volume, length and thickness and it coats most the lashes so easily. I like that the wand on this one is slightly curved too so it’s really easy to use so you don’t have to use too many coats. I am a fan of some of the other mascaras however this one is my favourite one from benefit.


At first I wasn’t sure about this one as it was a gift but once I’d used it a bit more I actually really loved it. Once the product had dried out a little it was so much nicer to apply and really gave a lovely finish. The wand is a bit thinner so you’re able to reach all your lashes to really build it up and help to lengthen and define the lashes. I find this one takes a lot of building up but once I do I really love the look of my lashes. Again this one is on the pricer side but I think it’s worth seeing if there’s ever one on offer or if you can pick one up in duty free.


So there are four of my favourite mascaras from drugstore to high end, if you have any recommendations for any I should try (not that I need any more encouraging – especially during my JAN BAN) but do let me know for future reference!

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