The White Company Christmas Candles




The collection – The White Company

If like me you can’t decide which Winter candle to pick up this year, then this set of candles from the White Company might just be the solution! The collection has three of the best winter scented candles, Winter, Fir & Berry and White Christmas, not only do they look lovely but they also all smell incredible too.

Every time I walk past The White Company store the smell of their Winter range is all I can smell and I’m so glad I can now have that at home too! This collection was £30 which for three of their candles which, considering you get three 75g candles, is quite good (there was 20% off this weekend too which was bonus). Also can we take a minute to appreciate how adorable The White Company Christmas bags are this year, so cute!

I already love the quality of these candles and can already tell I’ll be popping back in for the full size of at least one of them (Fir & Berry I’m looking at you!). Do you have any favourite Winter candles?



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