2018 Goals

Ah goals. Usually something we think about in January as we enter a new year and think about the things we want to achieve moving forward. However as we entered 2018 and everyone started releasing their goals for 2018 or reflective posts on the year just past. It was harder to think about what I wanted to personally achieve and what my idea of a successful year would look like. Everyone’s idea of success and happiness is different, so comparison is no use here and you should only really keep focused on your own goals. However it can be hard to not compare your life to others, especially people close to you and feel a bit crap that you aren’t ticking off the same things.

Luckily, I seemed to have emerged from my slump and after having one of the most productive weekends of the year so far, I spring cleaned, did some DIY and smashed a load off my to do list. I feel really motivated for the year to come. Yes we’re now well into March but January and February were frankly quite tiring and I struggled with feeling motivated and productive. It’s fine, better late than never! I’m pretty sure Winter drained me this time round, as I’m certainly feeling a lot better now the mornings and evenings are lighter. Although I do crave some sunshine in my life!

Earlier this year, in a bid to get myself motivated, I attended some talks after work which covered a range of topics including, setting goals, motivation and also how to be a productivity ninja. It got me thinking about the goals I want to achieve this year and how I’m going to do it. Some advice that stuck with me what that more often than not we set goals that are just too general and a little bit unrealistic. Instead I’m going for the smaller more achievable option, so by completely some of these I’ll be closer to my larger goals. When it comes to larger goals, some other great advice was to take some time to really think about what your ‘success’ looks like to you. Think ahead to what you actually want, which might not be what other people are doing.


Goals for 2018

  1. Visit at least three new destinations this year.
  2. Read at least one book a month.
  3. Run at least once a week.
  4. Go to the gym twice a week.
  5. Explore something/somewhere new in London once a month.
  6. Start properly saving, aiming to put away 10% of my salary.
  7. Spend more quality time with friends & family.
  8. Attend networking events to meet new people & learn new skills.
  9. Blog at least once a week.
  10. Put up my first Youtube video.
  11. Go on a photography course.
  12. Continue to learn more about SEO at work.
  13. Go back to the Harry Potter studio tour.
  14. Read & engage with more blogs online.
  15. Attend 4 live gigs or festivals.
  16. Run a half marathon.
  17. Start to learn a language.


So there’s my list of 2018 goals, I’m hoping I can easily tick some of these off by the end of the year. Whilst some will be more ongoing, other’s I can easily get booked in to make sure I achieve. So goals such like the half marathon, that I can then train towards. I’m interested to know if you made any goals for this year and how you’re finding them so let me know below!


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