Hello Twenty Seven


Turning Twenty-Seven

Just a little over a week ago, I turned Twenty – Seven. I used to think I’d have everything¬†sorted out¬†by now, house, career, life – everything really but actually I don’t have much figured out. Turns out I’m still getting my shit together – and I’m actually okay with it. To mark the occasion of me turning another year older, I wanted to put down some things that I’m focusing on over the next year. I’ve come to realise these are the important things for me to focus on instead of comparing myself to other people my age. Don’t get me wrong, a house would be lovely but these are the things I’m turning my attention to for the next 12 months or so…

Travel More

One thing on the list for the next few years is just to travel more, to go to new places and experience new things. I’ve already got a couple of trips planned for this year including a return visit to Ibiza after the best week last year (roll on September). I’m really hoping to add some more city breaks in this year too! Keeping my eye out for those city break deals – so far Paris & Amsterdam are on the list.

Quality Over Quantity

I’m making a big effort to stop spending money on things I can do without and trying to focus more on quality. I’ll be the first to admit I have a serious shopping habit, with online browsing consuming a lot of my daily life. God knows how much money I’ve spent in the past on things I’ve liked the look of but just never got round to wearing or using, so this needs to stop. I also think as I get older I want to spend my money on other things, such as putting it towards going to new places.

Worry Less

This is the biggest one for me as it’s something I’m still working on. I used to be, and sometimes still can be, such a worrier. The biggest one for me is over thinking what people think about me. It sends my anxiety into overdrive and can sometimes take over a bit. Looking back, I’d often spend so long replaying things in my mind for no reason. It would consume and exhaust me and after some training at work last year, things really started to improve. I’m still working on it and putting some of my training to use but it’s something I’m really focusing on this year!

Do More

Linking on from worrying less is doing more. I’ve made a big effort over the past year to ‘Do More’ – from the little things such getting out more with friends to signing up to do a half marathon – something I never thought I would ever do. As I approach my late twenties it’s something I’m trying to work on and make sure I’m pushing myself to do more.

So there it is, a short and sweet mini goals/to work on list over the next year. Are you working towards any goals or are you trying to work on anything? Let me know!


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