Here’s To 2016


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So here we are, the start of another year! I can’t believe how fast the past year has gone, these past few months flew by!  The new year is often a time of reflection and looking forward to what the next year can bring, so I thought I would include some goals/aims for the next year, I think it will be nice to look back next January and see if I achieved any!

  1. Travel more. I’ve been really lucky in the past few years to be able to go to Germany and Austria fairly often but this year I would love to travel to somewhere different, to explore somewhere new. I would also love to make it back to Italy at some point this year so hopefully a city break might happen at some point! I want to also see more places within the UK, visit more cities/sights and go on a couple of weekend trips away with friends or family.
  2. Make more time for friends. I’ll be the first to admit that I can sometimes be lazy when it comes to organising things to do with friends or just staying in touch in general, sometimes before I know it a month or two has passed. I want to make more of an effort this year to meet up with friends and stay in touch more.
  3. Have a technology break. I spend all day working on a computer and then spend most evenings on my laptop, reading blogs, online shopping/browsing or just looking through social media (it’s recently got a bit out of hand) so in 2016 I want to cut back. I’m going to switch off a couple of evenings a week to spend time with family or take some time out to read books or just relax.
  4. Learn a new skill. I would ideally love to be able to learn a new language this year, so I’m going to try and start this month. I did a little bit of German throughout school and during University but didn’t stick with it so hoping this year I can finally master another language.
  5. Worry less. I spend far too much time over thinking, over analysing and just in general worrying. Not only can it be exhausting but it sometimes stops me from going out and having fun (not ‘out out’ – I can’t handle that anymore) but just doing fun things in general. This year I would love to worry less about what other people think and just go out and have fun!


So there they are, some aims/goals of mine for 2016. I’m hoping after a slightly rocky 2015 that this year will be much better, full of new adventures and a lot of fun things. Do you have any goals for this year?


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