February Monthly Run Down

My first monthly run down! I’ve seen a few monthly catch up/ run down style posts and I really enjoy reading them, so it’s inspired me to start my own. It’s a little late this month but will go up earlier next time. I like the idea of being able to look back on my months see what went on!

sky garden


February was a busy little month! Although it was a shorter one, the month flew by and I can’t believe it’s March already. At the start of the month, I went home for a bridesmaid dress fitting (really exciting! It was however, a wake up call to sort out my fitness) the wedding isn’t until August though, so there’s time! Being home meant I had the chance to see my parents house renovation, still a bit of a building site at this point but it was definitely getting there and I can’t wait to see it! By the time I head home next it should be completely transformed, exciting!I spent some time with my friends Emily & Emma catching up over Mexican food & cocktails, which was the perfect way to end the working week.

Then last weekend I had two of my favourite girls Tami & Maz come down to visit me. It was so lovely having them come to stay and as I hardly get to see them now as we live in different places, I really value our time together. We spent the weekend shopping, eating and catching up and boy was it needed! There’s nothing like some chill time and a good pep talk from your best ones. We also went to the Sky Garden, which although freezing cold was lovely and provided us with some great views over London.


I also rejoined the gym and luckily managed to get my friend from work, Becca to come along. To basically kick my ass. (Becca runs a fitness blog which focuses a lot on running, something I’m trying to get into) So far so good, I’ve been a few times although I’ve fallen off the wagon a couple of times. I’m hoping as the mornings get lighter it will tempt me to go before work (we shall see).



Paris trip


A trip to Paris

Earlier this month Rachel and myself spent a long weekend in Paris for a little sister trip! It’s been on my list for a while and since we both now live in London, we thought we’d make use of the Eurostar and head over for a weekend of sightseeing, food and a little bit of relaxing. We actually booked to go back in November and thought we’d treat ourselves to a galentines weekend away. We stayed in The Hoxton, which I’m sure you can guess from my instagram feed, we loved! Could have moved into that hotel in a heartbeat, so beautiful and the staff were lovely! I’ve got a post all about our trip to Paris and more about our stay coming up, so keep your eyes peeled for that one.


So that was February! March is looking to be a busy work month but there should still be plenty of fun things going on. Including a trip home for Easter. Very excited!




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